Submitted by Stacey Maloney, Team Easyboot 2015 Member

Greetings from Alberta, Canada! This Team Easyboot 2015 Member had some great success in with EasyShoes this year. It wasn’t as fruitful a Competitive Trail Riding season as I had planned since we were rained out at one CTR and a puncture wound took us out of a second one, but we had great results at the ones we did get to. We attended 4 CTRs as an Intermediate Lightweight Team; three in EasyShoes and one barefoot. We traveled 25 miles each time and we won first place at two out of the three rides we competed in the EasyShoe Performance, we were 4th place at the other!

Currently, my mare is in her second set of EasyShoe Performance of the season. I trim her myself and learned how to glue last year from a professional, although it’s still been some trial and error in gluing on my own. I applied this set of EasyShoes six weeks ago.

Here is how they were looking on Week 1.


And here we are at Week 6.

She lost one of the hind’s last weekend but it was the one she danced almost out of when she got impatient after I was impatient and put her foot down before the glue was 100% set (always learning!). I pulled her remaining hind shoe today (with difficulty!) and currently the ones left on the front are a bit loose in the heels but the wings are holding strong. We have one more adventure next weekend then they will be coming off as she is obviously in need of a trim.

I am a rookie gluer, no doubt about that. This is the third time I have ever applied EasyShoes, ever. Look how great they look still! EasyCare has seriously outdone themselves with this product and the ease of application. If I can manage it, so can you – Trust me.

Looking forward to our 2016 CTR season, trying our hand at 50 mile competitions and refining my gluing skills!