Did you know that today is National Help a Horse Day?

Here at EasyCare, we strive to help horses by providing the largest selection of innovative hoof protection products. From therapy to performance and hoof boots to composite horseshoes, we have something for every horse and situation.

In honor of National Help a Horse Day, we would like to share Amy’s incredible story about her horse, Ellie.

“In December 2020, Ellie lost 50% of her hoof wall and all of her non-sensitive sole structure. She was unable to walk. She had to be on high-dose painkillers and complete stall rest. We tried another brand of hoof boot, but she just wasn’t comfortable. I feared the worst.

I ordered a pair of Easyboot Clouds for her, and they made all the different. Her under-run, flat feet actually started to grow heels. She was able to trot out for the first time, and then her first canter came less than a year into it all. She was able to enjoy life again. I don’t know what life would have looked like for Ellie without the Easyboot Cloud. They are truly a game changer for injuries. I will be keeping them on hand for any laminitic episodes, bruises or any hoof related issue that comes our way.”
How have EasyCare products helped your horse? We would love to hear from you!