Q: How do you clean the Cloud boot? Do you need to take the insert pads out before cleaning?

A: We recommend cleaning the boots once a week, or as needed, as it depends on how dirty they’re getting and how clean you’d like to keep them.

Whenever they look dirty to you, simply hose them off. You can also get them extra clean by scrubbing them with a little Dawn dish soap or Simple Green before you hose them off. We recommend taking the pads out of the boots to clean them, and letting them completely dry before replacing them.

To maintain the longevity of the boot, we recommend that you keep the boot and pad out of direct sunlight until they’re completely dry. The heat from direct sunlight can cause wet pads to shrink slightly.

Q: When I take the Cloud boots off my horse, his hooves feel soft and they smell terrible. Am I doing something wrong?

A: If you’re leaving the boots on for hours at a time, the biggest concern is the buildup of moisture down in the boot. This buildup of moisture is most likely causing the smell and the soft-feeling hooves.

An easy way to combat the buildup of moisture is by sprinkling some athlete’s foot powder in the bottom of the boot before placing it on the hoof. You can also sprinkle some in the bottom of a tube sock and then place the sock over the horse’s hoof.

Q: How is the insert pad designed and what is the purpose?

A: The insert pad is a closed-cell EVA foam that conforms to the hoof and provides comfort and solar support. The pad is approximately a half inch thick at the toe and one inch thick at the heel. It is a 2 degree wedge. This design improves speed of breakover, which moves the center of force toward the heel. This not only relieves pain, but also lessens damage to the laminae. This design also relieves stress placed on the tendons.

Q: How long do the insert pads last?

A: There are a few factors that determine how long the pads can be used before they need to be replaced, including how heavy your horse is, how much the horse moves in them, how long they are worn at a time, and your personal judgement on when to replace them. Also, if you are using the Clouds over shoes, the pads may tear and will not last as long.


Let us know if you have a question about the Easyboot Cloud! We’re happy to answer all of your questions.