One of my EasyCare goals for 2022 was to develop, manufacture, and release a urethane glue-on shoe to the equine market that was easier to apply and would stay on in difficult conditions through a six-week trimming cycle. We have exceeded this goal with the new Versa Grip Glue!

The shoe is easy to apply, stays secure for the entire shoeing cycle, and wears extremely well. The Versa Grip Glue can be applied with adhesive, tabs, nails, or casting. Throughout our testing process, the shoes have won endurance events, excelled in dressage, helped horses jump higher, and have made many sore horses more comfortable.  In addition, we have put smiles on the faces of hoof care professionals with an easier glue-on option.

The Versa Grip Glue rounds out the Versa line very well. The Versa Grip line consists of four shoes and several accessories. The entire line of shoes wears longer than iron, and most professionals are getting resets out of the shoes.

Take a look at the video below explaining the Versa Grip line of shoes and accessories.

Prep and application of the shoe is extremely easy. The outside wall needs to be roughed, dry, and clean. You don’t need to worry about the bottom of the foot. Check out the videos below showing the application process.

Removal is also easy. Use a toeing knife to quickly remove the shoes from the cuffs. You can also take your time removing the cuffs so they can be easily reapplied.

The Versa Grip Rocker (coming soon!) allows mechanics to be added quickly, removed, or manipulated at any time during the shoeing cycle without changing the shoes.

We will have 56 different sizes of the Versa Grip Glue, half in a front pattern, and the other half in a hind pattern. Several accessories coming soon, including the new Versa Grip Rocker and the new Versa Grip Wedge, will help round out the line.

We are very excited about these additions to the Versa Grip line! The Versa Grip Glue is now available for sale. Hurry and grab a pair while supplies last!


  1. I love these shoes…I’ve had them on my horse for 4 weeks and have done a ton of miles on him in the rocky mountains of Utah without any problems. These shoes are a home run!!!

    • Thank you so much for your feedback, Chad! We’re so glad the shoes are working well for you and your horse!

  2. Can you use vettec adhere for these shoes? Can you also add copper sulfate to th e adhere?

    • Yes, you can use Vettec’s Adhere to apply these shoes. Use the glue you prefer or feel most comfortable using. And you can add copper sulfate, as well.

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