One of EasyCare’s dealers, Deanna Stoppler of Horse & Sole Hoof Care, was a guest clinician teaching about glue-on shoes at a PHCP clinic in New York recently. One of the participants, Molly, got to try out EasyCare’s new EasyShoe Versa Glue. It was Molly’s first time gluing on a shoe, and she did a fantastic job. She shared a little about her experience with us:

I had a blast at the clinic in NY learning how to work with glue-on composites. Deanna showed us how to weld finger tabs (it’s easier than I thought!) and apply shoes using urethane and acrylic glues. Originally I had planned to practice with the EasyShoe Performance, but when I saw that she had some not-yet-released EasyCare Versa Glues, I decided to give them a spin! 

Despite hotter-than-expected temperatures, which was causing the glue to cure incredibly fast, I was able to very easily apply the shoe to my “hoof buddy.” I liked that the cuff held the shoe onto the foot pretty securely even before glue. I can see these being useful for horses that don’t stand well, or don’t like their feet being held up for extended periods of time.

The amount of glue used made me wonder if removal will be as easy. Luckily I will be able to practice since I brought my Hoof Buddy (with the applied Versa Glue) home with me. I will definitely be trying these out on my own mare when they become available for purchase.

Thanks for sharing, Molly! That’s great you were able to practice on a Hoof Buddy.

The EasyShoe Versa Glue is now available on our website! Grab a pair today and give them a try!