Super Glue, also known as cyanoacrylate, is gaining popularity in the hoof care industry for good reason. Super Glue makes the gluing process as simple as can be, allowing many horse owners to dabble in gluing for the first time. Super Glue will hold a horseshoe on the hoof for a full trim cycle, even throughout heavy training or rough terrain. If you are new to glue-on shoes and want to learn more about Super Glue, this article is for you!

Please note: You can use Super Glue on the EasyShoe Versa Grip Octo, EasyShoe 3D, 11 Finger Tabs, Sticky Finger Tabs, and Stealth Tabs.

Why Should I Choose Super Glue?

  1. Easy application. Super Glue has made gluing easier than ever before. Many horse owners have success gluing shoes because of the simple application process. After you have prepped the hoof for glue, all you need to do is stand the horse in the shoe, apply glue to the tabs, wrap the hoof in Plastic Wrap and wait for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, you are ready to remove the Plastic Wrap and enjoy your shoes!

2. Less supplies needed. Before Super Glue, you would need to purchase a bottle of acrylic or urethane glue, a glue dispensing gun, and mixing tips in order to apply a pair of shoes. With Super Glue, no mixing tips or dispensing gun are needed. Keep in mind, you will still need to have hoof prep tools (e.g. Hoof Buffy or rasp, butane torch, and wire hoof brush) and Plastic Wrap.

EasyShoe 3D applied with Super Glue.

3. Cost effective. As you can imagine, needing less supplies means less expense! Additionally, the glue itself is less expensive compared to acrylic or urethane glue. A 2 oz. bottle of Super Glue only costs $11, while a bottle of acrylic or urethane glue can cost anywhere from $27-96. If you are interested in comparing the costs of gluing supplies, take a look at our gluing products here.

EasyShoe Stealth Tabs applied with Super Glue.

4. Maximum performance. Super Glue is effective for all disciplines and therapy purposes. In fact, the Super Glue has been used in top level show jumping, dressage, and endurance riding. Many horse owners train and compete in the Versa Grip Octo and EasyShoe 3D held on with Super Glue. In fact, the Versa Grip Octo held on with Super Glue completed the 2023 Tevis Cup with excellent results.

Versa Grip Octo with Super Glue at Tevis Cup.
Barrel racing in Versa Grip Octo.
Shannon Peters and Disco in the Versa Grip Octo with Super Glue.

5. Hoof health benefits. We have seen the integrity of the hoof drastically improve with the use of composite shoes and Super Glue. By eliminating nails, the hoof is less likely to crack and split, especially for horses who may pull a shoe now and then. We have seen the hoof wall strengthen with the long-term use of Super Glue due to the sealant effect. This is especially helpful in wet environments or when a horse goes from wet to dry conditions often. Many Hoof Care Professionals use Super Glue as a finishing top coat after applying glue-on shoes.

Using Super Glue as a top coat for the Versa Grip Glue.
This photo shows the section of hoof that was coated with Super Glue when a shoe was applied with acrylic. The hoof grew out significantly after the application, and you can see a remarkable difference in the quality of the hoof wall. (Yes, the hoof is much too long and due for a trim and reset.)

6. Effectiveness of hold. Just like a traditional shoe, Super Glue can hold on a shoe for a full trim cycle. We have seen the Versa Grip Octo and EasyShoe 3D held on with Super Glue for a full trim cycle and even longer, up to 10 weeks. You do not have to compromise your trim cycle in order to accommodate these shoes. Better yet, these shoes have been successful in all environments, including humid, muddy conditions.

As you can see, using the Versa Grip Octo or EasyShoe 3D with Super Glue is extremely beneficial to all horses. These shoes have proven results in all disciplines and therapy/rehabilitation. Super Glue makes it even easier and more affordable to use glue-on horseshoes. Happy gluing!