Written by EasyCare Customer, Alexandra T. 

My OTTB, Corvin, sustained a bowed superficial Digital Flexor Tendon injury on April 10th, 2022. This was a huge blow for both of us, as we were a month out from our first recognized event, and he went from being a 24/7 outdoor horse to stall rest for about 8 months. In December 2022, he got released to a small solitary medical paddock with a shared fence line, which improved his mentality a bit. He has recently been saddle fitted and had the EasyShoe Versa Grip Glue put on due soreness on the hard ground. Overall, his tendon has been healing really well and he has been sound on it, so things are trending upward!

Fast forward to Summer 2023 – Corvin is fully recovered and back to competing! This season I decided to use the EasyShoe Versa Grip Glue for eventing because they’re user friendly, offer good frog support, and are very durable.
Photo by Charis Colson Photography
With the addition of 4 Quick Studs, we had no traction issues whatsoever!
His comfortable feet kept him brave and forward all throughout our cross country courses. These shoes have been used 3 times with the same tabs, and held up each time. The ability to reuse the shoes and the simplicity of application makes the Versa Grip Glue a great first glue-on shoe for me. While they still take appropriate knowledge to apply properly, they’re perfect for those learning to get into glue-on shoes.
Photo by Charis Colson Photography
In addition, the shoes offer built in frog support to encourage proper stimulation of the internal structures of the hoof. This has been vital for Corvin as his feet recover from chronic thrush as well as creating a strong hoof from the weak hooves with thin soles he had when I bought him a little over 2 years ago.
Photo by Charis Colson Photography
EasyCare products have been an easy choice for me as the company is great to work with, offers a variety of products, and is constantly innovating. Thank you, EasyCare!