They’re here.

The boots you’ve been waiting for, to fit the horses who’s feet are bigger than most people’s heads. The iconic Easyboot Glove will soon be available in GINORMUS sizes! Rock on!

For all you big horse lovin’ peeps, Gloves are now being made in sizes 4.5 and 5. That is huge, folks! For myself and my fairly standard 0.5 Gloved horses, I have a hard time wrapping my head around a size FIVE! Please, send pics. I have to see this. Given my only experience with what I thought were humongous Gloves revolved around a largish Shagya gelding who wore a whopping size 3.5 Glove, I am stoked to see all the big boys and gals who can now get some of their own Glove Love. Big, Bigger and Biggest don’t have anything on the new Huge and Huger.