Have you tried our newest Easyboot? The Easyboot Glove 50 has a lot of the same features as the Easyboot Glove Soft, along with a whole new closure system. Instead of the neoprene gaiter, the Glove 50 comes equipped with a urethane heel sling covered in neoprene. 

The Glove 50 is an excellent boot for added heel adjustability. If you have previously used and liked the Easyboot Glove Soft, you may want to give the Glove 50 a try, too!

Here are the steps you can follow when you’re ready to apply the Glove 50.

The first step in fitting any Easyboot Glove style is trying an EasyCare Fit Kit, if possible. We tried a size 1 Fit Kit on this horse and determined that a size 1 shell works best for him. Once you determine your horse’s size, you are ready to fit your Easyboot Glove 50!

Step One: Unfasten the hook-and-loop pastern strap. 

Step Two: Unfasten the front strap. The front strap has buttons on each side of the boot, so be sure to unbutton both sides. Slide the straps down so that the boot is fully open.

Step Three: You are ready to apply the boot! When sliding the boot on the hoof, you should have a nice, snug fit. We recommend using the front of your body to brace the horse’s leg while you put the boot on the hoof. 

Step Four: Once the boot is on the hoof, you are ready to fasten the straps. First, fasten both sides of the front strap. The buttons are snug to ensure a secure fit, so they will need to be wiggled on. 

Step Five: Lastly, you will need to fasten the hook-and-loop pastern strap. This strap does not need to be extremely tight. We recommend leaving enough space so that one finger can fit between the strap and the pastern. 

Now you are ready to ride! Let us know if you’ve tried the Glove 50, and how it’s worked for your horse!


  1. My 17hh mare has a 6.5″ wide hoof. When will you offer an attractive boot for her? She loved her Easyboot Trails and wore them out. But dang, no offence, they weren’t elegant or pretty. But worse, they made her already giant feet So. Much. Bigger…. Will you ever make a Fury or 50 for my Bigfoot? Thanks!

  2. I would love to get a pair of the Easy Glove 50 when you produce the 00.5 that my mare wears. Do we have any idea when the next production will be and if that size will be made or can I get a pair made when the production run comes up. I love these boots for my endurance rides and would like to move to the Glove 50 for my endurance rides if possible. They would give more room for movement on the back feet. Cant wait to get a pair and use them if possible. Thank you very much

    • Thank you for your feedback, LuAnn. We do not have a date set for expanding the sizing options in the Glove 50 at this time, but hearing from customers who are interested is very helpful when we make production decisions. Stay tuned!

  3. I have a horse that’s just getting over a bad rock bruise and infection, this left a 3/4 “ hole in his soul of his foot and also blew out at his coronary band ! What boot do you recommend to allow this to heal ?

    • The best boot for your horse while he is healing will depend on few different factors. What are his hoof measurements? Is he in a stall or turned out most of the time? If you can give us more details, we’re happy to recommend a boot for him. Please give us a call at 800-447-8836.

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