Submitted by Nicole Ford, who calls herself a Pennsylvania Easyboot Worshipper:

If you are a horse person, you know how sad it is when you have a lame horse, let alone a horse that is lame for a long period of time. My horse had been lame for more than a year and I thought he would never recover. I thought about turning him out to pasture – I had lost hope. About a month ago, I changed farriers and the new farrier suggested that I pull his shoes and get Easyboots with Comfort Pads.  We do not have a local tack shop, so I drove two hours to buy them.

Fast forward a few weeks and I am covered in goosebumps as I type: I have my horse back! He is sound, moving beautifully, happy and any other adjective that you can think of! If I could reach through this computer screen and hug someone at EasyCare, I would do just that.