Easyboot Fury product group.

EasyCare’s newest hoof boot, the Easyboot Fury, is designed to go the distance with comfort and durability in mind. As the hoof changes throughout the trim cycle, you can easily adjust the heel length up to 25mm and the heel height up to 16mm. The fit stays secure and your horse will have healthy hoof support the way nature intended.

With close to 50 years of hoof boot experience under our belts, we understand how important fit is for any boot to be successful and achieve the desired results.

To ensure your success with the Easyboot Fury, here are 5 key factors to help you master its unique adjustability system.

1. Size Matters

Selecting the correct size and getting a snug fit makes the difference between success and failure with the Easyboot Fury boot. Because the Fury is adjustable in length and heel height, the width measurement is the most critical.

  • The Easyboot Fury is available now in sizes #0.5, #1, #1.5, #2, #2.5 and #3 with sizes #0, #3.5 and #4 coming soon.
  • If you have used Easyboot Gloves in the past, size up by .5. For example, if your horse wears a size #1 Easyboot Glove he will most likely wear a size #1.5 Fury.
  • We highly recommend that you order an EasyCare Fury Fit Kit before purchase. The Fit Kit works like a rental program where you get to try 3 different sized boot shells for a nominal fee. Each kit includes the size you specify plus one a half size larger, and one a half size smaller.

2.  Adjust the Length

Once you’ve received your correctly sized Easyboot Fury, you will adjust the length to fit your horse. A properly adjusted boot helps ensure a proper break over and prevents twisting.

The Easyboot Fury comes with 25mm of length adjustment.  Adjust the length to a snug fit – you want the fit to be tight from heel to toe.  The snug fit will push the toe toward to the front of the boot and ensure the proper break over position.

A snug heel to toe fit also prevents twisting.  After the length has been adjusted to fit the hoof, apply Loctite® Threadlocker (included with each boot) to the two screws and t-nuts in the sole of the boot.  This prevents the length measurement from loosening over time.

3.  Adjust the Height

When the boot is adjusted properly the heel sling keeps the boot in place and prevents rubbing.  If the heel sling is too high there is a potential for rubbing, if it’s too low there is a potential for a boot coming off.

The heel height adjustment may require some trial and error but for general guidelines, the Fury Heart heel sling should parallel the hairline and the Fury Sling heel sling should fit over the bulbs and no higher. After the height has been adjusted to fit the bulbs apply threadlocker to the two screws and t-nuts.  This will ensure the height of the heel sling does not loosen with time.

4. Remove Excess Shell Length

Remove excess shell length if you’re applying the Fury boot to the front feet.  When the boot is adjusted for a round hoof shape it’s important to remove excess from the back of the boot so it does not get pulled off.

Fast forward to 12:40 to see how to cut down the heel

5.  Helpful Accessories

In our field-tests, the Fury Heart and Fury Sling have performed exceptionally well, staying secure through both rough mountain and sandy desert conditions, but if you find that you need extra holding power, here are 2 accessories to consider.

Easyboot Fury Sling – Y Strap. The Y Strap locks the foot into the boot for aggressive riding conditions in mud and steep terrain.

Easyboot Fury Heart – Neoprene Heel Sling.  The neoprene replaces the EVA pad and is designed for endurance and long hours in the saddle. It installs quickly.


One last tip! If you’re looking for a more custom fit, heat fit your Easyboot Fury shell. This will mold the shell to the hoof for the perfect fit you’re seeking.

We hope you enjoy our new product line. It’s our best yet! For more help, be sure to check all our application videos at www.easycareinc.com/furyvideos.

See you on the trail,


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