The Nevada All-State Trail Rider’s Inc. (NASTR) recently hosted their annual endurance ride in Washoe Lake State Park, NV. The endurance ride offers 30 mile, 50 mile, and 75 mile options. The ride is known for its extremely rocky terrain, which can be tough on competitor’s hooves. Choosing proper hoof protection is essential for success. Luckily, several horses had the EasyShoe Versa Grips to protect them on this rugged terrain.

John and Diane Stevens sported the Versa Grip Octo on both of their horses, Boomer and Bentley. Bentley’s Octos even had a unique flare!

Diane and Bentley along with John and Boomer came in 1st and 2nd. They completed the 50 mile ride in 6 hours. Impressive! Here’s Diane’s feedback:

“The NASTR 50 is in the books. 6 hour ride time. Bentley and I and Boomer and John finished 1st and 2nd. The Versa Grip Octos didn’t disappoint. Nevada never has a shortage of rocks or big climbs. The flowers were fantastic and riding through Aspen grove was a real treat.”

Diane and Bentley
John and Boomer

This ride is known for the many, many miles over rocky terrain. With the help of the Octo, Boomer and Bentley had excellent traction, shock absorption, and protection on the terrain.

Take a look at the Octos after they rode 50+ miles. Many more miles left in this pair!

Safe to say that Bentley is a fan of his Octos!

Congratulations, John and Diane!

Along with the Octo, the Versa Grip Light conquered the 75 mile ride with Kaylei and Followyourdreams. John welded 11 Finger Tabs to the Versa Grip Light. John shares:

“Another NASTR 75 is in the books. The team of Kaylei and Followyourdreams finished 3rd and had the High Vet Score. I welded Finger Tabs on the Versa Grip Light for this ride. I prefer welding tabs or cuffs on so that I can shape the shoes to the hooves. Nevada rides are known for their rocks, and the Versa Grip Light did not disappoint.”

Congratulations to this great team! We are thrilled that the Versa Grips could help several horses at the NASTR.