The Versa Grip line excels on hard surfaces. In fact, Matt and Buck are currently riding across the US in the Versa Grip Octo, and for a great cause!
Matt is currently riding across the country with his horse Buck and his dog Raffe to raise awareness for veterans with PTSD. Matt is the owner and founder of The Righteous Life Rescue Ranch, which works to rescue retired horses and dogs in shelters so that they can live out their days in a safe environment. These horses will be used for equine therapy for veterans suffering from PTSD. 
After using steel shoes on Buck for the first leg of the trip, Matt found that he needed a glue-on option with more shock absorption than a steel shoe. He found that the Versa Grip Octo is the best fit for Buck, and also allows him to apply the shoes himself while traveling across the US! No more stressing about arranging last minute farrier visits.
They have traveled over 1,000 miles in the first 57 days. The ride started in Southern California and will end in Delaware. While in steel shoes, Matt and Buck were averaging 20-30 miles per day due to the hard ground. The steel shoes were wearing out in a couple of days. Now in the Versa Grip Octo, they are averaging about 35 miles per day! They have roughly 1,700 miles to go.
Matt shares that they have ridden “460 miles in the Octos so far with plenty of tread left. 75% of those miles are trotting on pavement.”
Incredible work, Matt! We love supporting an organization that works hard to support horses, dogs, and humans.
Follow Matt’s journey on Instagram @the_threeamigos2022.