I recently had the opportunity to work at the Equine Affaire show in Massachusetts a few weeks ago. We got to show off our new Easyboot Glove to many people who had not seen it before.

One of the concerns that a few people had was that once the hoof grew out and broke the boot in, that the Glove would be looser on their horse after a fresh barefoot trim. Although I personally have had no issues with the boots stretching between hoof trimmings, there are a few things you can do to give the boot a snugger fit.

The first thing you can do is to add a Powerstrap to your Easyboot Glove. The Powerstraps come in all sorts of fun colors and really help tighten the boot.

Hoof with athletic tapeThe second thing you can do is to wrap your horses hoof in athletic tape. I always make sure to wrap below the hair line. You can wrap any where from 1 to 3 times around the horses hoof, this really helps fill in any space between the Glove and the hoof. I also found that this really seems to help fill some gapping and keep debris out with horses that have a bit of flare.

When I am at an endurance race I like to combine the athletic tape method with the Powerstraps just to really make sure those boots don’t budge. It makes them a bit harder to get on but it just reassures me that my Easyboot Gloves will stay on that much better!

Posted by Miriam Rezine