It’s hard to believe that the Easyboot Glove has only been around a year!

The “Glove” has been one of EasyCare’s most successful hoof boots and has taken booting to another level.  The steamline shell and flexible upper make the boot easy to apply and hard to see on the hoof after application.  It’s a true testament when a hoof boot blends with the hoof and lower leg and you have to do a double take to see if the horse is wearing boots at all.

The Glove will get a couple small tweaks for 2010.

The first major change will be making the Power Strap standard on all Gloves.  Not only will the power strap be standard but it will get a small mold modification that will allow consumers to see the “V” in the shell while fitting.

The Glove will be the first boot in the EasyCare range to have the new gaiter system.  The Slide Gaiter has two layers of neoprene that move independently and prevent rubbing on the thin skinned horses.  The new inside layer is slick and slides with the hair.

The gaiter will also have a new loop system that will accept the new Gaiter Heel Strap.  The Gaiter Heel Strap add to the stability of the boot lets you gallop up hills all day long.

Expect the additions above and a couple more in early 2010.



  1. I agree to the previous commentators. I would also prefer not to have the powerstraps preinstalled. My three horses are fitted with gloves and when the sizing is right, they hold up great even on hard gallops up hills and through water. Please reconsider this choice, as it would make application harder. Eventhough I have never had a rub on my horses I am really looking forward to the new gaiters! Thank you for all the effort put into these fantastic boots!
    Katrin Seitschek, Austria

  2. I’d prefer not to have the PS preinstalled on the GLOVE or to have it installed on one screw only. Then we could adjust fitting individually as I normally pull the PS a bit closer than the suggested length.

  3. I agree with Jennifer. I have a lot of middle aged clients who really want (demand!) ease of use in a boot. Many are not hard core riders, they just love having a nice and easy boot option for their horses when they go on the trails. Even most of my hard core riding clients don’t have Power Straps installed – just haven’t needed them. The new gaiters sound great. Thanks for your consideration.

  4. As a hoofcare practitioner and EasyCare dealer, I would prefer to not have the boots preinstalled with a powerstrap as the majority of the Glove boots I fit do not require them. When I use the fit kit to determine a size, it is done without a powerstrap, and having the powerstrap on the boot already will make the fit different. While the powerstraps help with fit on the boots that don’t have the perfect fit, they also make boot application more difficult. I would prefer to keep it simple for my clients and if a boot needs the powerstrap, I’m happy to let them choose a color and install them.
    If EasyCare starts sending Gloves preinstalled with powerstraps, I will be spending more time taking them off.
    So please reconsider this decision to preinstall the straps. Choice is a good thing 😉
    I’m surprised that there hasn’t been more comments regarding this.
    Jennifer Borchard
    Los Molinos, CA

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