Far at the McDowell Turkey Trot 75. Photo© Steve Powers.

There are times when things just seem to go right. I had one such ride this weekend on our last race of the 09 season. I rode Far on a 75 mile race through the McDowell Mountain Regional Park last Saturday wearing Easyboot Glue-Ons (applied with hoof glue).

I rode for the first time with Stephanie Palmer DuRoss Kevin Waters: we laughed and joked our way along the day. We finished in 2nd, 3rd and 4th place. Far got high vet score and Tahoe won best condition wearing Easyboot Gloves.

There were more booted horses than shod horses than in the 75. I don’t know how the proportions were in the 50, but the turtle, the winner and the BC horse were all wearing Easyboots so I assume boots were well represented throughout the pack. It’s amazing how fast the use of boots is catching on.

If you want success, things have to be right from the ground up. You need four balanced hooves on the ground, or your chances of success are lessened.

Far and Tahoe at the 50 mile vet check.

Listen Carefully
One of the principles of yoga is to tune out the chatter and become focused on the present. Our equine partners communicate everything but we have to focus to hear what they are saying.

1. Stand up. Is your horse standing square; does he point one leg when resting?
2. It’s about the Symmetry.  Is one hoof significantly different than the other?
3. Test the gait. Have you noticed if one foot is always more sensitive?
4. Diagonally opposed. Do you make a point of changing your diagonals every time you ride?
5. Check the feet. Do you take a rasp to your horse’s hooves every few days to keep him the balance?
6. Pain is not gain. Is your horse’s eye bright and alert? Have you ever noticed a change? Are there certain things that make your horse have a negative reaction when you tack up?

Taking action on any of the above messages should help influence your ability to have a healthy horse.

Stepping Up
I’ve learned to look more closely at my horses since I started using Easy Boots for horses. I have a better sense of what each foot looks like: something I took less notice of when he was in steel shoes. I’ve taken control of the evolution of his feet – and I’ve chosen to take responsibility to make sure the elements are working in harmony. What a trip!

The Best-Kept Secret
Most of the race in McDowell Park was on hard packed rock and granite. The Easyboots simply float across foot-pounding trails with hardly a sound or a faulty step.

Take the time to get the various pieces in order and get to better know your horse and tack. Things will have a better chance of falling perfectly into place for you.

Kevin Myers

(Story submitted by Kevin Myers)