Susanne Kesterson of Grand Canyon Arizona was so pleased with the performance of the Easyboot Glove that she just had to write EasyCare and tell us about her positive experience.

“I love the Easyboot Glove. My mare has ‘ouchy’ font feet, and with regular shoes I would never be able to cure these horse hoof problems.  Plus I don’t ride enough (unfortunately), so why should she be standing around with iron shoes on?

I use a rubber mallet to really get the Gloves on good, and just peel them back from back to front to remove.

We live in very abrasive and rocky terrain and my horse likes to paw. These protective horse boots are so light and not bulky at all, that my horse still moves naturally and we are fine now going over rocks. The Gloves snug fit helps too.  Barely any sand falls in the boot.  She stepped on one boot and pulled her hoof almost out, but two steps later her hoof was back in her trusty glove!

I really recommend getting the EasyCare Fit Kit first, it is difficult to exactly measure the hoof right in millimeters and I had the wrong size first. With the Fit Kit you can really try out how the Easyboot Glove should fit and get it right.

I highly recommend the Easyboot Glove to everyone.”

Thanks for sharing your hoof boot success with us Susanne! 

Posted by Tara Kelly