As I read through our EasyCare Facebook comments, something that kept hitting me is that not a lot of people know about our new studs for any of the protective hoof boots in the EasyCare line.

Shari did a great blog announcing them, Amanda talked about them in her last blog, but then a few comments away from Amanda’s blog, I see someone asking if EasyCare makes hoof boots with studs.

StudsSo, let’s talk about them. The new studs are absolutely amazing. They are tungsten carbide, meaning that the tip and the core of the stud are made of Tungsten Carbide and that the screw portion of the stud is a hardened steel. They are extremely durable and long lasting. Garrett Ford rode 40 miles in them one weekend and said they didn’t even look like they had been used.

The best thing about the studs is that they are removable. The studs can be installed intoquickstuds the boots for winter and you can take them back out in the spring. The people we showed them to at EquineAffaire in Massachusetts thought they were the best thing since sliced bread. Of course, living in the Northeast, I suppose you really need studs.

And installation is a snap. All you need is an electric drill, a 3/16″ bit and the Quick Stud Application Tool. You drill starter holes of 1/8″ deep into the boot tread. Don’t go all the way through the boot! Exchange the drill bit to the Quick Stud Application Tool and slowly start the drill turning clockwise, driving the stud slowly into the boot tread. And that’s it! We recommend a minimum of four studs per boot, but you can install up to ten studs per boot.
You can order the studs under item number SB-QSTUD16 for $15.50. Don’t forget to order the Quick Stud Application Tool under the item number SB-QSTUDTOOL for $12.00.

What a great present or
stocking stuffer!


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