Submitted by Karen Bumgarner, Team Easyboot 2015 Member

If I have to change a gaiter on an Easyboot Glove, I’ve had trouble undoing at least one of the screws. They’d be so tight that the whole thing would just spin around. So I’d take it over to my friends, The Nicholes, and Ted or Terrence would loosen the screws up for me with this little claw thing he had. Only I wasn’t coordinated enough to hold the claw, the boot and the screwdriver at the same time.

Last year one of the ladies on Team Easyboot said her husband made a tool like this by filing down a socket, and I asked Ted if he could make me one. Sure enough, here it is, made from a 3/8″ socket. Now I don’t have to bother him with my stinky Easyboots anymore.

The backs of the screw holder has two little slots. The teeth on the socket fit into the slots perfectly, making it effortless to hold it still while backing out the screw.

Getting that screw undone was unbelievably easy.

In just a couple minutes all three screws were out and the old torn gaiter was off. I like to leave the screw backs in the boot, makes it easier to add the new gaiter.

A new Easyboot Glove Gaiter comes with directions, a new full set of screws, basically everything you need to install a new gaiter onto your old Glove.

Now if you do remove the brass screw fitting you can place it on the end of the gaiter gizmo and the teeth will hold it in place while you insert it into the boot and hold it for the new screw.

Voila! One Easyboot Glove – good as new! The whole thing took less time than writing this blog. Now I can saddle up. Ride on!