“Why are you using these Hoofboots? What kind are these? Glue ons? What are the advantages?”

These 3 questions are probably the  most asked questions by riders and horse people unfamiliar with these greatest boots produced by the EasyCare Company. We all know the answers to these questions from studying the literature, blogs and videos produced by EasyCare and the many bloggers: Shock Absorption, Flexibility (like the hoof), Light Weight and Sole Protection.

At the very recent City Of Rocks Endurance Race, the EasyCare Glue-on boots proved themselves over and over again. The name ‘City of Rocks’, or short COR,  actually does not imply that there are lots of rocks on the trail, nor does the name originate from rocky trails. Much more so, it is named for the stunning scenery with towering granite rock walls, boulders and rock pinnacles that make the whole area appear as a city of huge rock formations.

In the 80’s I visited the COR a few time to climb these stunning rock walls and pinnacles. Fond memories of my rock climbing days.

Meryl Dalla Via, GETC’s intern from France, riding Elly across some open area between the rock formations.

Meryl riding two days on CMS OSO Elly to a second place on day one and first place tie on day three using Easyboot Glue-ons.

A true testimony to the success of the EasyCare Hoof boots gave Sue Basham, riding her horse KC on all three days (total of 155 miles), a win in the Pioneer Category for Fastest Overall Time and Best Condition. She used Easyboot Glue-ons.

Congratulations to Sue and KC. Excellent job!

GETC horse Medinah MHF in the 55 mile race on her way to First Place and BC on day 2, her hooves protected by Easyboot Glue-ons.

Riding GE Pistol Annie to victory in the 50 Mile competition on day one and three: The Bootmeister using Easyboot Glue-ons.

So really, what else is new, you might ask.  For the last 6 years Easyboot Glue-ons and Gloves have excelled not just in endurance but lots of other equine events. But it is certainly fun to tell about success with Easyboots.

The COR 3 day event is a truly well run ride. Trails are fantastic, for the most part not too rocky, scenery outstanding and the people just fun to be with. A highly recommendable ride to be marked on the calendar for next year.

Your Bootmeister

Christoph Schork