This year has started out great for TAR Pistol Pete and me. We were able to leave the cold snow-covered mountains of Colorado to join our friends from Southern California at the Eastern Mojave Scenic endurance ride. Boy was I happy when I heard I was bringing the snow and bad weather with me!

Before I left, my husband and I were able to glue on Pete’s boots. This has always been a challenge in the cold and wet climate we have in the winter. I have to say, we are getting quite good at it: it only took 15 minutes once we were set up. I have been trying out different things such as Goober Glue as a hoof pack, Equi-Pack CS as well. I think I prefer Goober Glue for ease of application.

TAR Pistol Pete and me at an endurance ride. Photo by Karl Creations.

TAR Pistol Pete and I planned on taking it day by day at this four-day ride as we had only a few minor conditioning rides and dressage lessons in the past four months. The Eastern Mojave ride has all sorts of terrain; from super rocky, to deep sand and everything in between. I was worried coming from such a wet climate that Pete’s feet would be sensitive. Nope! He flew over those rocks like they weren’t even there. I have really enjoyed the protection these Easyboot Glue-Ons are giving. Pete felt great as the days went on, so we completed all four.

To my amazement Pete received the Overall Best Condition Award. I can’t tell you how happy we all were. Without the proper hoof protection and barefoot trimming, I don’t think we would have done so well. The other thing I like to do is pull the boots as soon as we are done the last day and he goes back to his natural barefoot state. I have more to brag about from the Color Country ride, but I will do that next time!

Leah McCombs-Cain