Written by EasyCare Dealer, Sara Hathaway of 4 Hooves Hoof Care, LLC

“Mic” was diagnosed with a coffin bone fragment, known as a sequestrum, in the fall of 2022 after a crippling abscess that wouldn’t resolve with veterinary intervention.

Following surgery for removal at The University of Georgia, the on-site podiatrist applied a steel shoe with a hospital plate and owner was advised to soak and clean the hoof 1-2x a day. In between soaks, an Easyboot Cloud was used to keep debris out.

6 weeks post-op, the steel shoe was pulled and a special glue-on shoe package using the EasyShoe Versa Grip Light with Finger Tabs was applied. The Versa Grip Light was chosen for the stability and caudal support, and more importantly the ability to customize placement of the tabs so the surgery site and glue surfaces didn’t interfere on application. Using dental impression material and casting, we were able to provide full coverage and moisture protection so the twice daily soaking a booting would no longer be necessary.

After 4 cycles with Versa Grip Light, he has grown 2/3rd’s of a new hoof capsule, an impressive amount of sole material and with less than an inch of the drainage site left on the outer hoof wall, he has “graduated” back to barefoot!