Written by EasyCare Customer, Smith Rock Trail Rides

Easyboots are not just for your average trail rider, they also hold up for the professionals. Smith Rock Trail Rides only use Easyboots for their horses on the trail. Smith Rock Trail Rides offer small personal horseback experiences in one of the Seven Wonders of Oregon “Smith Rock” located in Terrebonne.

We have been using Easyboots exclusively for the past 4 years. The condition of our horses’ feet have improved considerably, and we have the flexibility to ride anytime without scheduling a shoeing. We decided to try the boots after losing our longtime farrier to an injury. Finding someone new that could accommodate our busy schedule and provide standards we were accustomed to was challenging. So we decided to give boots a try. We consulted with a barefoot specialist for the transition. Maintaining and caring for the hooves on a routine basis has made all the difference in the health of our horses’ feet and makes fitting the boots quick and easy. After removing the steel shoes and giving the horses time to adjust to being barefoot, we have noticed a remarkable change with the health of our horses’ feet.

Easyboots provide all the protection needed for riding and allow the horses to maintain a natural foot. We tried a few different types and brands of boots but found that the Easyboot Epic and Originals worked the best for us and we use them exclusively. They are easy to put on and they stay on. In all the rides over the last 4 years, we have only had a few come off during the ride. That is pretty amazing considering the amount of rides and rocky conditions we ride in. Some of our horses use a full set of 4 but most only require the use of front boots. Putting boots on can take some additional time in the morning when we are saddling and preparing for the ride, but we feel it is worth the extra effort for the benefit of the overall health of our horses’ feet. Easyboots also save us the cost of shoeing which can add up to a considerable amount. Most of our horses can go one season with a set so that makes them more affordable than the steel shoes.

Easyboot Epic

We often get questions from our guests about the boots as many people, even horse people, have never seen them before. The boots definitely get noticed. 

“Flexibility, health benefits, and cost savings – we recommend Easyboots!”

Smith Rock Trail Rides is owned and operated by Brian and Melanie Thomas in Terrebonne, Oregon. We are equine professionals that love our horses, and we love what we do. We offer once in a life time horseback experiences to guests from around the world.