Barefoot ReinerThumbing through a Performance Horse Magazine, you can imagine the smile on my face when I saw this photo of a reiner without front shoes.  My how fast things are changing!

I predict we will see an increasing number of barefoot horses in the show pen as owners and trainers come to see and feel the difference.  Many have already come to recognize the benefits of maintaining these elite athletes in a more natural lifestyle.  Increased longevity for the animal and lower overall health and maintenance costs for the owner are a win, win situation.

It is very gratifying to hear feedback from hoof care professionals who are out in the field. My days are often filled with lively conversation on how barefoot trimming, EasyCare hoof boots and Comfort Pads are helping horses and horse owners get back on track.

As we slide in to the New Year it’s exciting to think about the barefoot industry and what new discoveries, ideas and technology are waiting for us in 2010!


  1. Great pic Deb. Now when will EasyCare have that slider boot? Hopefully something soon so we will be able to offer an alternative to sliders for those people that want to stay bare all around!
    BTW, you do a great job!

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