I had the chance to help people with Glue On horse boots at the Warner Springs Ranch Endurance Ride this weekend. Friday people lined up to either have their boots glued on or to get fitted for the Easyboot Glove.

A good friend of mine, Janet Wort’s and her horse GC Finesse decided to try the Glue On boots for the first time. Janet just recently transitioned her horse from iron horse shoes 8 weeks ago because Finesse was starting to trip and even had two spills where he fell completFinesse and Janet coming into the first vet check at Warner Springs Endurance Ride!ely to the ground and ripped his knees open.

Finesse has been a consistent top ten horse with multiple BC’s. His and Janet’s bond is something right out of a child’s book. Finesse has been known to come back for Janet after a spill and even comes to her when called. Her horses well being was so important and she was starting to think that maybe Finesse had just gotten older.

In just 8 weeks Finesse and Janet competed in the Warner Spring Endurance race yesterday and got first place in amazing condition! I talked to Janet, and she gives barefoot trimming and boots the credit for Finesse’s success. “I feel like I have my horse back.” she told me after the ride.
Congrats Janet and Finesse! Keep up the good work!

Posted by Miriam Rezine