Been looking for a squishy sidekick for your EasyShoes and Boots? We now have just the ticket! Glue U Shufill Silicones come in four densities from gummy bear soft to pencil eraser firm,sure to suit even the most discriminating equine. We also have Glue U’s DIM style two part putty at a price that will give you a double take. Possibilities for application for shoes as well as boots are limitless and we can’t wait to see what you come up with! 

This video shows the Durango Customer Service Team hands on with the Glue U line. Here you will see set times and densities compared as well as a few simple tips for using the Shufill and Putty.




Hoof Care/Vet dealers please contact Debbie Schwiebert and/or Rebecca Balboni for more info and pricing.