The holidays are right around the corner! Looking for the perfect gift for your barn friend, trainer, or farrier? Here are some practical gift ideas that are perfect for the equestrians in your life.

Stocking Stuffers

If you’re looking for a small, horse-related gift, EasyCare has a few great options.

A new hoof pick. We’ve got a simple, magnetic hoof pick that allows you to always have a hoof pick on hand. We also have a wire hoof brush which is handy for any tack box. The wire hoof brush is great for hoof prep if your friend uses glue-on EasyShoes.

If your friend, farrier, or trainer is an avid gluer, glues and accessories make a great gift option. Be sure to find out which shoe(s) they apply, as some are applied with acrylic glues and others are applied with Super Glue.

If you’re shopping for someone who uses Easyboots regularly, a new pair of Comfort Pads would make a nice little gift. They need to be replaced regularly, so someone that uses them likely can’t have too many pairs.

Quick Studs would make a nice stocking stuffer or practical gift. You get 16 studs per bag, and they can be applied to (and easily removed from) any Easyboot or EasyShoe for extra traction, which comes in handy in during these winter months. If your gift recipient has never used them before, the Quick Stud Application Tool would be helpful to receive along with the studs themselves.

Practical Gift Ideas

If the equestrian you’re shopping for has a specific need or problem that you know of, a practical gift that would solve it is always appreciated.

Easyboot Remedy

If you know that this person likes to ice their horse’s legs after a hard ride, or that they struggle to keep their horse standing in a bucket when treating an abscess, then the Easyboot Remedy could make a great gift option. This boot only comes in two sizes, and is not designed to fit snugly, so it’s much easier to guesstimate whether a horse needs a medium or large size. There should be plenty of room around the hoof when it’s inside the boot, so going with a large is a safe bet for most average-sized horses.

Easyboot Cloud

The Easyboot Cloud is our best-selling hoof boot for a reason. Think about your most comfortable, go-to pair of shoes. The Easyboot Cloud is that for our equine friends. The Cloud is ideal for stall use or small turnout, trailering, recovery after exercise, comfort on hard surfaces, standing around at horse shows, and more. If your friend or trainer frequently travels to competitions, the Easyboot Cloud is a great gift option!

HiTie Trailer System


The HiTie Trailer Tie System is another great gift idea for anyone who frequently travels with their horse. HiTies make life so much easier for anyone traveling with their horse, and they make the horse much more comfortable when standing at the trailer for long periods of time.

Personalized Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for something custom-made, Etsy is a great place to start. You can find:

  • Custom saddle pads, halters, stall plates, and more.
  • Equine-inspired jewelry.
  • Personalized gifts with your friend’s horse on it, such as mugs, shirts, sweatshirts, decals, and more!
  • Custom ornaments of your friend’s horse or other pets.