Written by Augusta Mae Watt of AMW Equine Services, LLC 

A huge benefit of the EasyShoe Versa Grip Glue is that it can be applied with the horse standing on all four feet. This is a great option for horses that have a hard time standing with one foot held up. Accessories like the Versa Grip Wedge make it even easier to find an option to help horses stay comfortable. The ability to shape the shoe with a grinder adds even more possibilities to help horses stay comfortable.

When I met Barbie, we were looking for a solution to keep her comfortable as she ages as a barrel horse. She still has the fire to run, but she was starting to show some resistance in her barrel pattern.

During her first appointment, it was evident that her feet were going to need some help to heal and become a solid healthy hoof again. Compromised frogs that contained thrush, toes that had run forward, and heels that were crushed were just some of the areas of the feet were showing needed help.

I chose to put her in Versa Grip Glue with Equilox Soft DIM (Dental Impression Material) and a 2.5 degree Versa Grip Wedge on her front left (which was her low foot). Under the Equilox Soft DIM, the hooves were treated by applying Durasole and Artimud to assist the healing in the shoeing cycle.

By the next shoeing cycle, her feet looked completely different. The frogs were full and the heels were slowly opening up again. This allowed us to slowly start bringing the toe back to where it was suppose to be. We decided to pack the heel area with DIM to add vertical height. That was the answer to even a sounder horse. She started to run the barrels even smoother. She stopped diving the barrels and struggling during the pattern. She’s even placing as high as some of the young bucks running at the show!

Her owner states, Barbie has never felt more comfortable before her Versa Grip Glue shoes. In the last couple of months, shes never taken a funky step! Im so glad we found a great farrier and the Versa Grip Glue!

We look forward in being part of this wonderful mare’s team and getting to see them reach their goals in and out of the arena. Huge thank you to EasyCare for developing a shoe that is easier to apply for farrier and horse!