Here at EasyCare, we offer a wide variety of hoof boots and composite horseshoes suitable for all disciplines and therapy purposes. Trying to decide whether an Easyboot or EasyShoe is best for your horse? Here are some factors to consider.

Application Method

Easyboots are designed to be an on/off solution. This gives your horse the benefits of being barefoot but offers hoof protection when you need it. If you are looking for hoof protection to go trail riding a few times a week, and your horse is pasture sound barefoot, then Easyboots would be a great option for you. We have a wide selection of Easyboots for performance riding, pleasure riding, and therapy.

Applying the Easyboot Trail before a ride.

If you’d rather not worry about applying and removing boots, then EasyShoes may be better for you. We offer nail-on and glue-on composite horseshoes, ranging from metal inserts to full urethane. Our horseshoes are lightweight and flexible, allowing the hoof to flex as if it were barefoot. EasyShoes can stay on for a full trim cycle and can often be reset. Many horse owners have success gluing our shoes, or you can talk to your farrier about applying them to your horse.

Applying a nail-on shoe (Versa Grip Gold).
Applying a glue-on shoe (Versa Grip Glue).

Would you rather apply boots before each ride? Or apply horseshoes every trim cycle?


Your location will play a big part when deciding whether a boot or shoe is best for your horse. Does your horse live in a rocky paddock? Does your horse frequently walk on hard surfaces? Does your horse live in a lush, green pasture? If you find that your horse needs hoof protection for turnout, an EasyShoe may be better for you as they offer 24/7 hoof protection. If you find that your horse only needs hoof protection for riding, then you have the choice between Easyboots or EasyShoes. In this case, the choice may come down to your preference of application style.

If your horse lives in a rocky field or walks on gravel roads, EasyShoes may be a better choice.

Type of Riding

Your horse’s work level will be another factor in deciding which type of hoof protection is right for your horse. We have Easyboots suitable for all disciplines, including hunter/jumper, dressage, barrel racing, endurance, trail riding, carriage driving, and more.

The same goes for EasyShoes. EasyShoes excel in all disciplines from leisure riding to performance riding. They have been used at top level competitions, including the Tevis Cup and 2020 Summer Olympics!

If your horse is being ridden and trained daily, you may find it easier to apply EasyShoes that can stay on for a full trim cycle. If your horse is being ridden a couple days a week, you may find it easier to slip a hoof boot on and off. The choice is yours.


If you are showing your horse and want a virtually invisible look, EasyShoes will be a great option for you. EasyShoes are made of clear urethane and blend in with the hoof, giving a more natural look. We also offer natural and black adhesives to match the color of the hoof wall.


If you have an aging horse who is still being ridden, an EasyShoe is a great choice. EasyShoes provide 24/7 protection and comfort, which can benefit the horse during turnout, stalling, and training. Any horse that is becoming stiff or arthritic can benefit from the comfort of EasyShoes.

Hoof Health

Your horse’s overall health will be a big deciding factor. Does your horse have thin soles? Do they get sore on hard surfaces? Are they showing navicular changes? Many of these situations will require shoes. Your farrier can make adjustments to the shoe and utilize our EasyShoe accessories to provide comfort and healing.

There are many factors to consider when deciding between a hoof boot or horseshoe. If you are unsure which product is best for your horse, we are happy to answer your questions and point you in the right direction. You can reach us at 800-447-8836 or contact us here.