The new EasyShoe 3D is available now! If you are looking for a glue-on composite shoe for the arena, the EasyShoe 3D is a great option for you. The EasyShoe 3D designed with track and arena sports in mind. The shoe is integrated with frog support by 3D HoofCare and finger tabs for easy gluing. Simply stand the horse in the horseshoe and apply the tabs using Super Glue. No welding required!
The EasyShoe 3D is sized the same as our glue-on Versa Grips. We recommend a snug fit to ensure the finger tabs lay flat against the hoof wall with minimal gapping. Please visit our Measuring Guide and Fitting Assistant to find the best size for your horse.

Tip: If your horse has any gaps between the hoof wall and tabs, you can cut 11 Finger Tabs and Super Glue them to the inside of the EasyShoe 3D’s finger tabs. This will fill any space between the hoof wall and tabs.

The EasyShoe 3D is our thinnest, most flexible EasyShoe yet. The design will improve traction and flexibility for arena sports including hunters, jumpers, dressage, barrel racing, pole bending, western pleasure, polo, and more!

Before you start gluing, we highly recommend these steps to prepare the hoof for glue. You will need a Hoof Buffy with 60 grit paper or rasp, butane torch, and wire hoof brush. A moisture meter is helpful but not required. With these steps, your glue bond can hold strong for a full trim cycle.

After you prep the hoof, you’re ready to glue! You will need EasyShoe Quick Set Super Glue, plastic wrap, and your EasyShoes. Insta-Set Accelerator Spray is helpful but not required.

After 10 minutes, you are ready to remove the plastic wrap and enjoy your shoes! Please keep in mind that Super Glue takes 3 hours to reach full strength.

The EasyShoe 3D can stay on for a full trim cycle. It can often be reset if removed carefully, or new 11 Finger Tabs can be heat welded on. The removal process is quick and easy.

With some cleaning, the EasyShoe 3D can often be reset.

The EasyShoe 3D is wearing well in muddy turnout conditions. Here is the EasyShoe 3D after two resets, heading into the third trim cycle.

We are excited to add the EasyShoe 3D to our extensive EasyShoe lineup. The EasyShoe 3D is a great addition for our performance horses and riders!