Written by EasyCare HCP/Vet Dealer Representative, Dan Schroeder

EasyCare had a great time at the recent IHCS. Along with seeing so many of our friends, the weather was pleasant in Cincinnati for a change. It was a nice change instead of freezing like we normally do in Ohio. If you have been there in the past, you know what I mean.

We showcased the new look of EasyCare with our new booth, along with quite an array of new shoes that will coming out in the future. We had plenty of compliments on the new look of EasyCare, and the new shoes are pretty cool as well. The new upcoming shoes are always a big attraction to the booth, and this year was no different. We had around 10 different shoes/boots that were new products. I think there is a little something in there for everyone. We had four people in the booth this year, and all of us were busy talking with someone most of the time.

*Coming soon* EasyShoe Speed (left), EasyShoe Speed Trac (center), EasyShoe Speed Metal (right)

There was a shift this year in the booth. In the past, we had people come in and ask questions about the products. This year, we had more people come in and tell us they were using one or two of our products, but needed something to fill a different need for a few of their clients. I think EasyCare has definitely made their mark in the hoof care industry as a leader in innovative products.