Written by EasyCare Customer, Beth L.

EasyCare’s glue-on shoes are a fantastic option for senior horses as they can be applied while the horse stands on all four feet.

Cimmaron (Cim) is a 31 year old Appaloosa gelding that I’ve had the pleasure of working on for the past several months. His owner got him when he was 10. He had overgrown, split feet which took a few years to fix, but he never needed shoes. The two of them put thousands of miles on the trails every year.

About 3 years ago, his heaves and arthritis started to catch up to him. He developed DSLD in his hind legs which made his front end compensate, leading to arthritic knees and sore feet.

Radiographs showed thin soles, and glue-on shoes were recommended because he struggles to stand while his feet are being worked on. The EasyShoe Versa Grip Octo was a perfect solution because most of the preparation and application is done with the horse standing on the ground with minimal amount of time holding the foot up.

Cim did great for the process and was immediately moving around more comfortably. His owner said he was moving great and had even been galloping in his paddock which he hadn’t done in a long time! We reset the same pair of shoes at 8 weeks and will continue to use them on him.

Cleaning the shoes before resetting.
Versa Grip Octos after reset.

This has been the most rewarding horse I’ve worked on in a while. When I met him, we weren’t sure if he would be able to get through another winter. The Versa Grip Octo has given him the comfort he deserves to have to continue to enjoy his life with the amazing care his owner provides.