Written by EasyCare Customer, Niki C.

After rehabbing several horses with NPA and navicular – I have become a true believer in EasyCare’s line of composite shoes.

However, they aren’t just for rehab cases. My mustang sport horse has been excelling in everything he does thanks to the hoof protection that the Versa Grip Octo offers.

Moqui has tough mustang feet, however we not only do some extremely tough trails but we compete in dressage. 

Our farrier Dani Parker of Evergreen Barefoot Hoof Care has been forever valuable in our glue on journey. She’s supported our hoof protection needs and has taught me to repair any loose tabs and how to apply the Octos myself in a pinch.

Throughout Moqui’s first year in dressage he learned quickly but had a small stride. With the Versa Grip Octo, he’s a totally different horse with impressive reaching gaits. The difference is immediately noticeable and his stride opens up dramatically. 

In addition to supporting the hard work load of a dressage horse, these shoes offer the most protection for the rough trails we do. Moqui and I were the 3rd group to ever attempt a circumnavigation of the Three Sisters Mountains. With lava rock, sharp obsidian glass shards and miles from civilization – glue-ons were the only choice that made sense. 

Being able to repair or replace a shoe in the backcountry without traditional farriery tools is so valuable. With only a small bottle of Super Glue added to our ultralight packing gear – I felt confident on our 56 mile trek that a lost shoe wouldn’t be an issue. 

Many people have asked me about the reliability of gluing Octo’s. While we’ve lost many bell boots in muddy lakes, we have never lost a shoe. Our current set is in its 6th cycle and was used on an FEI level dressage horse in full work prior to being used on Moqui and setting out on our longest pack trip. 

I hope in the future more sport horse owners will consider EasyShoes rather than traditional steel. The advantages outweigh any other options. Moqui appreciates the concussion absorption, flexibility and support when working hard, no matter what discipline he’s riding.