We love to see horse owners and riders gaining education on hoof care and hoof protection! EasyCare dealer, Christoph Schork of Global Endurance Training Center, recently hosted a Hoof Care Clinic in Moab, Utah. The clinic covered all aspects of hoof care including trimming, fitting, and applying glue-on hoof care products.

Attendees had the opportunity to get hands-on with the Easyboot Glue-On and Vettec Adhere.

They also had the opportunity to apply the EasyShoe Versa Grip Glue with EasyShoe Bond Glue, and the Versa Grip Octo with Super Glue.

In addition, attendees learned how to fit and apply removable hoof boots such as the Easyboot Fury and Glove Soft.

Thank you Christoph for hosting this educational clinic for horse owners, riders, and hoof care enthusiasts! Well done!