We are often asked if the EasyShoe Versa Grips are suitable for barrel racing. The answer is YES – and much more! The Versa Grip lineup offers nail-on and glue-on options that excel in all disciplines.

EasyCare customer Angelina uses the EasyShoe Versa Grip Gold on her horse, Fancy. Angelina and Fancy compete in barrel racing and pole bending. Her farrier, Daniel Meegan of The Natural Barefoot Farrer, introduced her to the Versa Grip Gold. Independent nailing plates offers maximum flexibility and support so Fancy can perform his best.

Daniel shares why he chooses the Versa Grip for his client’s horses. 

“The EasyShoe Versa Grip line includes multiple styles of shoes that really are versatile. This line of shoes is the main staple in my hoof care practice for many reasons. I have applied Versa Grip shoes to cutting horses, barrel horses, endurance horses, rehab cases for various issues, trail horses, roping horses, lesson horses, and hobby horses.

My personal favorite is the Versa Grip Golds. To start off, my clients love that I jokingly spare no expense on their fur babies by applying a shoe with the word “GOLD” in it. With the Golds, as I will refer to them, I can make simple modifications as needed with either my rasp and nippers, a hand grinder with a slap sanding disk, or, if I have the ability to plug my trailer in, I will use my belt sander. The belt sander makes fast work of removing any excess material. After trimming the horse, I look at the shape of the hoof and determine if I need to select a front or hind pattern. Depending on the horse, I have used both fronts and hinds interchangeably. I have used the front pattern on the back to cheat my breakover further back, or placed a hind shoe on the front of either a long-footed horse or a mule. After determining the shape, I will decide on the particular Versa shoe that fits what I am trying to accomplish with the shoe package I am applying.”

Angelina shares “We have been using the Versa Grip Golds for just over a year and love them. Our farrier The Natural Barefoot Farrier introduced us to the product. We have not altered since.”

We love seeing Angelina and Fancy excel in the Versa Grip Golds! We can’t wait to see what this team accomplishes this year. Great job to the entire team!