In 2009, Frank Rovelli and the executive team from Vettec flew out to my house in Colorado to see what EasyCare was doing with urethane hoof protection and Vettec adhesive. EasyCare had developed a couple of urethane products that were glued on with Vettec Adhere. The team at Vettec wanted to study our techniques because we went against protocol and used less than the Vettecrecommended thicknesses. They were impressed by our EasyShoe products and the application techniques. The new products and techniques not only worked, but won the prestigious Haggin Cup at the 100-mile Tevis Cup a few months later.

Twelve years later, EasyCare now offers more urethane hoof protection options than any company in the world. With the EasyShoe Versa Grip Light, EasyShoe Flex Light, Easyboot Glue-On Shell, EasyShoe Performance, EasyShoe Performance NG, EasyShoe Compete, Easyboot Love Child, and the EasyShoe Sport, we can can get most horses and disciplines covered. These urethane solutions have many applications and can be seen in many different settings, including the endurance trail, the dressage ring, and the hunter/jumper circuit.

As urethane hoof protection and adhesive applications gain more popularity and acceptance, EasyCare will continue to add designs and techniques to make application easier and more efficient for both hoof care professionals and horse owners. One of my main goals for 2022 is to introduce a couple of new urethane hoof protection options that are more affordable, easier to apply, and require little to no modifications.

The EasyShoe Versa Grip Glue is a new prototype, currently in testing, that was designed to accomplish all three goals. The front and hind patterns are designed to drop onto the hoof with little to no modifications, glue can be added to the cuffs in several ways, and the price point will be affordable.

EasyShoe Versa Grip Prototypes with integrated cuffs. Drops on to most feet with little to no modifications required.  

Holey Cuffs. Easy to weld on to any urethane shoe when a more custom fit is needed.

The video below shows how well they fit the hoof. Even before adhesive is applied, they stay in place and make application very easy.

Although we are still tweaking the design, here is a quick photo sequence that shows where we are.

Start with a fresh trim.

Inject adhesive through the holes in the cuffs. Adhesive can also be added to the cuffs first. The hoof can also be wrapped in plastic wrap first, and adhesive can be added with holes punched through the plastic.  

Wrap in plastic.

Clean up with the Hoof Buffy.

Look over your work.

Go Ride!

The EasyShoe Versa Grip Glue is testing very well. Expect to see several sizes in both front and hind patterns in 2022. We also plan to make a couple sizes of the “Holey Cuffs” that can be added to any other urethane shoe.


  1. I have a horse with coffin bone loss in one foot. She’s currently in Clouds. Is there a type of padding that can be used with these that might work for her situation? Would be for turnout only, not riding.

    • We will not be there this year. However, one of our dealers, Distance Depot, will be there with some EasyCare products.

  2. My horses have always been barefoot I have never ever had a shoe on. I am so excited about these shoes. But have one problem I live in clymer New York and have no one anywhere near me can I get any information on anyone within 2 hours of me
    Or can I get information on all this glue on or what ones would be best for me or what kinds are there.

  3. Will there be any options to add wedges to these, for horses with navicular issues? This would be my perfect dream between shoes and barefoot.

  4. Can these products replace a Clog wrapped in a cast worn by a horse with laminitis and a significant rotation and dropping of the coffin bone? I would like to consider this if they are also being sold for medical reasons as well as different disciplines of riding.

    • Yes they could be used to replace a clog wrapped in a cast. DIM may be helpful for this type of application.

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