Written by Dan Schroeder, EasyCare’s HCP/Vet Dealer Representative

Vermont is home to maple syrup, Lake Champlain, and a group of outstanding hoof care professionals and horse owners. EasyCare made a trip up to northern Vermont last weekend to talk all things EasyShoe Versa. We got to visit with a great group of people that wanted to add some tools to their arsenal of ways to better care for our equine friends.

We had a great facility and eager participants, all excited to learn about all that EasyCare’s lineup of Versa shoes has to offer. The new EasyShoe Versa Glue (coming soon!) was a major attraction. (Read more about the EasyShoe Versa Glue here.) The ease of application continues to put a smile on the faces of everyone in attendance at all of our recent clinics. This group was also lucky enough to get a first look at the Versa Rocker shoe. This, too, was a huge hit. It’s an exciting addition coming soon to the Versa lineup.

After the group tried applying the Versa Glue, we moved on to the the 11 Finger Tabs. First introduced in April, 2021, these tabs continue to be well received by HCPs and horse owners alike. (Read more about the 11 Finger Tabs here.) Easy to use and inexpensive are always a great recipe for success. Clinic attendees are always eager to try their hand at welding the tabs onto a Versa Grip Light. Welding can be a small hurdle the first time you want to apply these tabs, but like everything else, it gets easier each time you do it. Practice, practice, practice.

Applying the nail-on EasyShoe Versa Grip was my favorite part of this clinic. We had two attendees that were new to nailing. I can say that they both did a fantastic job. All of the other attendees were happy to help them and provide some great feedback.

As always, we want to give a big shout out and thank you to everyone at the facility for hosting this event, and to everyone who helped get everything set up and organized. If it weren’t for you, these events wouldn’t be possible. Thank you very much.

If you weren’t able to attend, check back for upcoming events. They will be posted on our social media channels as they get scheduled. Until then, keep some “Versa”tility in your toolbox while working with your clients, and let us know if we can answer any questions.