EasyCare has been manufacturing and testing glue-on urethane hoof protection products for more than 15 years. We have learned a great deal about hoof prep and manufacturing methods that help make adhesive hoof protection application more successful. The new EasyShoe Versa Glue is our latest design that incorporates what we have learned.

EasyShoe Versa Glue. Applied and ready to go.

Contest Details

To help spread the word about our newest EasyShoe, EasyCare is seeking 60 hoof care professionals to test the new design by participating in an application contest.

If you are interested in winning a free pair of EasyShoe Versa Glue shoes, please fill out this contest entry form by midnight (MST) on February 28th. 

After completing the entry form, EasyCare will select 60 hoof care professionals to receive a free pair of the new EasyShoe Versa Grip Glue. In exchange, each hoof care professional will need to submit 6 photos of their application and a short, 60-second video. More details on photos and videos will follow.

EasyCare will review each submission and select three winners based on application, fit, and final appearance. First place will receive a $500 prize, second place will receive $300, and third place will receive $200.

EasyShoe Versa Glue Application Instructions

We have found that the EasyShoe Versa Glue is very easy to apply. In addition, we have found that is stays in place better than any glue-on hoof protection we have ever used.

Although professionals may find alternate application methods, here is what has worked well for us during our testing process.

1. Clean and prep the hoof well. After trimming, rough the outer wall with a Buffy or rasp. Use a torch to dry the hoof and then wire brush it clean. We recommend torching and wire brushing three times.

2. Fit the EasyShoe Versa Glue to the hoof. You will want a tight fit so the shoe stays in place if the horse moves during the application process.

3. Inject adhesive into the holes in the cuffs, along the top of each cuff, and across the toe area. We have had great success with both acrylic (EasyShoe Bond, Equilox) and urethane (Vettec Adhere) adhesives.

4. Wrap the hoof in plastic immediately after adhesive is applied.

6. Remove plastic wrap after adhesive dries.

7. Use a Buffy or rasp to clean up the application.

8. Apply super glue to seal.

We have had a lot of interest in this shoe so far. We’re excited to share it! Don’t miss this opportunity to be one of the first people to try it out. Fill out the form by the end of February for a chance to win!


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