Are you considering trying out the Easyboot Sneaker, but you still have a few questions about it? Or do you have the Easyboot Sneaker, and you’re wondering how to make it work best for you? We have answers! If your question is not answered here, or on our Easyboot Sneaker product page, please don’t hesitate to ask us. We’re always happy to help our customers use our products successfully.

Q: Can I add studs to the Sneaker?  If so, where on the tread?

A: Yes, you can add Quick Studs to the Sneaker to increase the traction. Here is a photo showing where we recommend placing the studs.



Q: I have four Sneakers, but I’m not sure if they are the narrow or regular pattern. Is there some way to tell them apart?

A: If you look on the inside of the boot where the hoof goes, you should see some letters and numbers. If the middle line has a “-1” at the end, it is a narrow pattern. Also, the bottom line is the boot size. Here are two photos showing the difference between a size 3 regular pattern (left) and a size 3 narrow pattern (right):



Q: Is there a difference between the hind and front boots?

A:  All of our boots can be used on either the front or hind hooves. The size and shape of the hooves will help determine what boot may work best. The Sneaker comes in a regular or narrow pattern. You may see this listed on other sites as “front or hind pattern,” but don’t let this confuse you! Since most horses’ hind hooves are typically a bit narrower, the narrow pattern tends to work well for hind hooves. But the narrow/hind pattern can also be used on the front hooves if the boot measurements best fit the shape of the hoof. The narrow pattern can also be a great option for donkeys or mules because their hooves are typically more narrow than horses’.