Megan Pine started Revelation Ranch Performance Horse Supply in 2015. She had a full-time job as a high school agriculture education teacher and volleyball coach, but she decided to run this company in her spare time.

Revelation Ranch has been growing steadily since then, enough so that Megan now runs the company full-time.

Megan became an EasyCare Dealer in March of 2017. She says, “I like working with EasyCare because they stand behind their products. That is so important to me as a business owner, as well as a consumer. EasyCare is constantly working towards new products for the performance horse.”

Megan competes in cutting, so many of her customers are also cutters. It’s actually barrel racers who make up her largest portion of EasyCare product customers. Barrel racers and cutters alike are typically the most interested in the Easyboot Cloud.

Megan says, “I believe it speaks volumes that I use EasyCare products on my own horses, and have for years. I can give input on fit, sizing, and choosing the right product from this experience. It becomes much more than a sales pitch when you are speaking from experience.”

Megan said that more than once, she has had to overnight a pair of Cloud boots to a customer in need. These customers find that their horses are so much more comfortable in Cloud boots. “The Clouds provide relief for everything from a simple abscess to laminitis.” And, of course, the Clouds are invaluable for trailering, standing on hard surfaces, and quicker recovery after strenuous exercise, especially short bursts of speed.

When Megan is on the road with her mobile unit, she brings a variety of sizes of the Easyboot Cloud. She thinks it’s important to be able to meet the customer’s needs immediately. She also has the Clouds out of the boxes and on display so that the customer can see and feel the quality of the Cloud boots for themselves.

Because Megan is traveling so much, the best way to reach her is to shop on her online store at or contact her through Facebook. Of course, if you are attending barrel races or any cutting events, be sure to look for her mobile unit!


  1. I use and recommend these for my clients. My own horse is suffering from acute laminitis and these have been my go to for her comfort. My only issue with the boots is the velcro. My mare has small pasterns so the velcro is only utilized by 50% when I snug up the boots. I’d love to see a longer velcro to compensate for this.

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