Written by EasyCare Customer, Diane S. 

Customizing EasyShoes is fast, fun, and fabulous! I receive many questions about my horse’s shoes, so I wanted to share how I dye them. My color of choice is “Tropical Teal” by Rit DyeMore for Synthetics.

You will need:
– EasyShoes
– Medium sized pot
– Rit DyeMore Synthetic
– Metal tongs
– Old towel or paper plate
– Dish soap

– 2 quarts water
– 4 oz Rit Dye
– 1/4 tsp liquid dish soap


Step 1) Place a pot on the stove top. Add 2 quarts water to the pot.
You want enough water to cover your Octos.

Step 2) Shake the bottle of dye before opening. Add 4 oz of dye to the water.

Step 3) Heat on medium heat to about 160 degrees. The water doesn’t need to be boiling, but it should be hot.

Step 4) Drop in a 1/4 tsp of dish soap.

Step 5) Once your water is hot, carefully add in your shoes. Use your metal tongs to move the shoes around. Do not let the shoes sit still too long on the bottom of the pot. It takes about 5 to 10 minutes for the shoes to grab the color. The longer you leave the shoes in, the deeper the color.

Step 6) Once you have achieved the desired color, carefully remove the shoes with the metal tongs.

Step 7) Set on a paper plate or an old towel. Towel dry.

Step 8) Enjoy your beautiful shoes and apply them to your horse!

If you are feeling extra creative, you can add rhinestones using Super Glue!