If you are looking for a glue-on composite shoe for your horse, the EasyShoe Versa Grip Glue and EasyShoe Versa Grip Octo are both popular options. They are extremely flexible, lightweight, shock absorbing, and durable. Trying to decide which shoe to try? Take a look at these similarities and differences to help you decide which may be best for your horse.


  1. The Versa Grip Glue and Versa Grip Octo are both glue-on composite shoes. The flexible urethane allows the hoof to flex with each footfall as nature intended. The integrated frog support helps increase blood flow with each step, promoting an overall healthier hoof. The hoof can function as if it were barefoot while enjoying the additional protection and traction of a horseshoe.
  2. The Versa Grip Glue and Versa Grip Octo both have integrated tabs for easy gluing. No welding required!
  3. Both shoes are full urethane with no metal inserts, offering the most lightweight, flexible option. The tread pattern is identical.
The bottom of the Versa Grip Glue and Versa Grip Octo are the same.

3. Both shoes stay on for a full trim cycle (4-6+ weeks).

4. Both shoes can be reset. It is common to get 1-3 resets per pair of shoes. However, we have seen both shoes reset up to 4 times and ridden over 1,000km in mountainous terrain! Read more about resetting the shoes here. 

Versa Grip Octos reset 4 times.

5. Both shoes are measured and sized the same. Learn how to measure your horse’s hoof in order to choose the best size. We encourage you to measure in millimeters.

Front sizes.
Hind sizes.

6. Both shoes excel in all disciplines. They are frequently used in trail riding, endurance riding, barrel racing, dressage, show jumping, carriage driving, and more.

The Versa Grip Glue in action.

7. Both shoes can be used for therapy and hoof rehabilitation. Both shoes provide comfort, support, and increase blood flow for quicker healing. The shoes can be modified by Hoof Care Professionals to meet the needs of many different horses.

8. Both shoes require the same hoof preparation. Hoof preparation ensures that the hoof wall is completely dry and ready for glue. These steps are crucial to ensure a successful application that will last for a full trim cycle. You will need a Hoof Buffy or rasp, a butane torch, and wire hoof brush.

9. Both shoes are compatible with all Versa Grip accessories including the Versa Grip Rocker, Versa Grip Wedge, Versa Grip Plug, and EasyCare Quick Studs.

Versa Grip Rocker.
EasyCare Quick Studs and Dental Impression Material (DIM).
Versa Grip Plug.


As you can see, the Versa Grip Glue and Versa Grip Octo are very similar! But how do they differ?

Versa Grip Glue

  1. The Versa Grip Glue is integrated with EasyTabs. EasyTabs are cuffs with holes designed for mixing tips and acrylic or urethane glue. The cuff offers more coverage on the hoof wall. EasyTabs work well for horses with less than ideal hoof walls or asymmetrical hoof shapes. If you are looking to reset the Versa Grip Glue or create a custom shoe, you can weld EasyTabs to any urethane horseshoe.

EasyTabs are integrated with every pair of Versa Grip Glues. You can purchase EasyTabs to reset a pair of shoes or create a custom shoe.

2. The Versa Grip Glue is designed to be applied with an acrylic or urethane adhesive. Our glue of choice is EasyShoe Bond Glue. Another great choice is EasyShoe Adhesive which comes in black and natural. You can use black or natural colored adhesives to best match the hoof color. Acrylic and urethane glues can help fill gaps where needed, which is ideal for asymmetrical hoof walls.

Versa Grip Glue applied with EasyShoe Bond Glue.
Using EasyShoe Adhesive in black and natural to match the hoof color.

3. Please keep in mind that you will need a glue dispensing gun and mixing tips on order to use these glues!

Versa Grip Octo

  1. The Versa Grip Octo is integrated with 8 Finger Tabs (hence the name “Octo”). Finger Tabs are clear and narrow. As with all of our tabs, you can purchase these individually to reset the Octo or create a custom shoe.
Finger Tabs can be used to reset the Versa Grip Octo or create a custom shoe.

2. The fit of the Versa Grip Octo is crucial! In order for the Finger Tabs to press evenly against the hoof wall, a snug fit is required with minimal gapping. The Versa Grip Octo is ideal for horses with a uniform hoof wall with very minimal cracks or flaring.

3. The Versa Grip Octo is applied with EasyShoe Quick Set Super Glue. You do not need a dispensing gun or mixing tips. Simply apply the Super Glue straight from the nozzle or use your finger to spread the glue (while wearing a glove, of course). Super Glue is available in 2 oz and 8 oz.

As you can see, both the Versa Grip Glue and Versa Grip Octo are very beneficial for many horses. The shoes provide support and protection for all disciplines and therapy purposes. Both shoes can work for many horses. Ultimately, the choice will come down to preferred application method and hoof shape. We are always happy to take a look at your horse’s hooves to determine which shoe may be a better fit. Happy gluing!