EasyCare doesn’t make Cheap Horse Boots but at various times during the year we do sell cheap horse boots.

We have a couple programs where we sell Easycare boots and other models of protective horse boots at cheap discounted prices.  Our Bargain Bin section of the on-line hoof boot store is a great area to purchase cheap hoof boots.  The Bargain Bin has slightly damaged or used horse boots that can’t be sold as new.  Many of these blemishes are slight and do not affect the functionality of the boots.

EasyCare also has a cool program called the Competitive Hoof Boot Upgrade Program.  The program allows consumers to turn in the hoof boots of our competitors and receive 1/2 off the price of an EasyCare hoof boot model.  As these used a beat up boots come in for exchange we collect them and then sell them on E-Bay in a huge pile of boot.   The last E-bay sale had Marquis Hoof Boots, Cavallo Hoof Boots, Swiss Horse Boots, Renegade Hoof Boots, Renegade glue on horseshoes, Bozana Horse Boots, Horsesneakers and Davis Hoof Boots.  The entire pile of boots was auctioned off for roughly $300.00.   If I remember right,  the retail value of the pile was more than $5,000.00.  Now that’s a great opportunity to purchase some cheap horse boots and cheap glue on horse shoes.

Cheap Horse Boots. Renegade Horse Boots, Cavallo Horse Boots, Swiss Horse Boots, Davis Horse Boots, Marquis Horse Boots.