Garrett Ford, president and owner of EasyCare moving down the trail on a cold day.Much of the United States is experiencing c-c-c-cold weather. This question was sent to me last week by hoof care practitioner and EasyCare dealer Hannah McCargar of Able Horse Natural Hoof Care. I thought I’d share since others may be wondering the very same thing.

Hannah, located in the balmy state of Iowa asks…

Hi Debbie, It’s well below zero here in Iowa tonight. I’ve been meaning for a while now to ask about storage of boots and hoof pads in this season, and on first glance, I can’t find anything on the website about this question. I have often brought everything into the house in order to keep it from freezing but what a pain that becomes when I have a fair amount of inventory and hauling to/from the driveway through the snow becomes a major chore (we don’t have a garage and live in a rural place where you can’t pull up to the door). Is it OK for my EasyCare hoof boot and Comfort pad inventory to remain in my freezing vehicle during this season?

Thanks for any suggestions you have.


Gotta love Hannah, talk about dedication. Here is the scoop: freezing temps will definitely make the boots stiff and more than likely a bit more difficult to apply. As far as any damage caused by polar cap type cold, no worries, not gonna happen. The boots Hannah carries; the Easyboot Glove and Epic are made from durable polyurethane which has no problem with weather extremes. As far as the EVA foam comfort pads; same deal, cold weather is not a problem.

When it comes to applying a very cold Epic, Easyboot Bare, Grip or Glove hoof boot, remember it will certainly be easier and more flexible if it can be stored in heated room or vehicle. A nice dip in some hot water before fitting on the hoof will also do the trick.

Don’t forget, unlike a horse wearing standard horse shoes, hoof boots are fantastic for eliminating the dreaded snow balling on the bottom of a horse’s hoof. Happy winter riding to you all.

Do you have a cold weather boot tip you could share? Let me know at

Debbie Schwiebert


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