Boots are not for every horse and we know this at EasyCare. The EasyShoes have been successful for many horses that were not a good candidate for boots because of their need for 24/7 protection or a very low interference option. Nonetheless, a vast amount of horse owners who are aware of the benefits of barefoot and/or booted but are hesitant to try it are gaited horse people for many good reasons.

I grew up with a Tennessee Walking Horse named Shadow. We enjoyed trail rides and attended the occasional show where he would display great movement as a flat shod horse. He was always the horse that my friends who weren’t familiar with horses would ride because of his affectionate, gentle temperament and easy ride. He is the perfect Walker and is now retired to the pastures of northern Michigan.

Before the latest advancements in hoof boot technology, I wouldn’t try a boot on Shadow. He needed support across the gravel roads we exercised on, but a boot would be too clunky. As his left hind crossed forward with his right front or vice versa, he’d certainly beat the heck out of something that wasn’t as low profile as a shoe.

There are many gaited horse equestrians out there that are as reluctant as I was to try something that could interfere with a perfect gait. After hearing so many Easyboot and EasyShoe success stories on Fox Trotters, Standardbreds, Walkers, Saddlebreds, Pasos, and the list goes on, I regret not placing my faith into boots to provide Shadow with all the benefits of barefoot. In fact, many riders have claimed to see improvements in gait after removing steel shoes and transitioning.

The best products on the market for these talented breeds include the Epic, the Glove, and the EasyShoe. A clean glue on application of the EasyShoe is nearly an extension of the hoof and even with a notorious overreacher, it’s nearly impossible for it to come off without intention.

If the notorious overreacher would be best with temporary protection and left barefoot the rest of the time, the solution is the Epic or the Glove with a bell boot to protect the gaiter and back of the boot. If using the Epic on all four hooves, it’s a good idea to use the cotter pins made for the Epic on the hinds to eliminate the chance of the buckle flipping up in the case that it makes contact with the front limb.

What have you got to lose? The best time to try the latest and greatest on the market for hoof care products is now. Call EasyCare to chat about the best boot or shoe for you and visit our website for testimonials and more information.

Mariah Reeves

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