Submitted by Renee Robinson, Team Easyboot 2015 Member

Well, summer has arrived in Nevada. The ground is hard and none of my horses seem to be ready for it. Bite has seemed especially uncomfortable and I’m not sure why. I’ve been feeling like he needs a bit more hoof protection right now (24 hour hoof protection vs. boots only when riding) so I’ve been brain storming trying to decide what to do for him. Yesterday I remembered I had an extra pair of EasyShoes that I had wanted to try last year before I went and got knocked up and had a baby. I rummaged through my supply and found them, thankfully still stored in their plastic bags.

While I’m very comfortable using Easyboot Gloves and Glue-Ons, I had only glued on one other pair of EasyShoes so I wasn’t feeling super confident but decided to go for it anyway. Since I’m not riding much right now, I decided this was the perfect time to play around with hoof ware.

Despite not being handled much lately, Bite was a gentleman for the application and the process went off without a hitch. I was glad I had two sizes to chose from as I discovered that the sizing is just a bit different than Gloves/Glue-On shells.

Today Bite and I got to try things out and all I can say is, “wow!”. He felt like a million bucks and I swear I think I heard him say, “thank you.” I’m not sure what the difference is as far as he can tell between Glue-Ons and EasyShoes, but I am inclined to think he liked the shoes even better. So, I think it’s safe to call my little experiment a success.

 Happy horse, and happy mama!