Being a part of Team Easyboot 2012 is amazing. I love reading Team Easyboot blogs and learning new tricks about booting successfully both for my horses and others who need help. Hopefully my blog will give you comfort about an OMG gluing moment, should you ever have one.

I had a fellow TE12 member come over to help me glue on front boots as I was still chicken and couldn’t do it alone, yet. I am one of those that gets as much or more glue on me and my clothes than on the actual hoof and boot. Everything started out well. We trimmed up the hooves nicely and prepared them for the Glue Ons.

We started the gluing process and bam! the glue gun broke. What? Now what? We are in the middle of carefully handling the Glue-On boots with gloved hands, we have clean hooves and everything is set. No glue gun. Sheesh. The sun will set soon and I feel like I am having one of those days. If it were just me, I would have bailed on the project, gone in the house and pouted for a few days, maybe stomping my feet along the way. My fellow TE12 member/friend/brilliant lady of all time told me not to panic. We would figure something out. That we did.

We got an old plastic type small bowl and some plastic silverware to mix the Adhere solution and just pushed on the ends of the tubes until we had about equal parts of the two mixes. It was a hurried project, but we had nothing to lose at this point.

The boots went on as normal, and they stayed on just like they were supposed to. I was so impressed with the innovative thinking on my partners’ part. Genius.

I highly recommend that if you are a panicker, like I am; buddy up with another team member who isn’t. That way if an OMG situation comes knockin’, together you can get through it.