By Martha Nicholas, Team Easyboot 2012 Member

A gal should not have so much fun at a ACTHA ride. I headed down to another ACTHA (American Competitive Trail Horse Association) competition. This one was down in Mossyrock, Wa at the Mossyrock Horse and Rider Club  on 8-18. It was the third out of four rides in the Cold Post Buckle Series.

Now I tend to have a lot of fun at the ACTHA rides but what was different this time was that through the Adventure with ACTHA in Washington State Facebook group, I was informed that there was a new EasyCare boot dealer that was going to set up a booth at the ride and promote their services and our boots. They were Bob and Laura of Equine Wellness Services from Toledo, Washington.

What a pleasure meeting them. They are the nicest folks, super knowledgeable in boots and will be a great asset to EasyCare. Bob is also a trimmer so what a perfect fit for EasyCare. Bob shared how they went to the Dr. Teskey clinic that was held in our state. We started talking about trimming, etc. and I mentioned needing to soak Curly’s feet to soften them up so I could get the bars trimmed better. Well, sweet Bob offered to trim them for me with his much sharper knife. We had fun discussing what he saw in Curly’s feet. He pointed out a few things my untrained eye did not know. Now remember Bob was fresh from a Teskey clinic so I was all ears.

Bob has a very calm energy about him, so I am sure he is loved by his clients and their horses. Adding him to my list of trimmers I refer folks to, never know I may be asked if I know of a good trimmer in the Toledo area. Most of the time I was out on the trails competing but I did get to see Laura and Bob in action helping and advising folks before the awards. What a pleasure meeting them.

On the ACTHA ride. The judging gods shined on us again and we won Open by one point (105 out of a possible 120).

Martha Nicholas