Written by EasyCare Customer, Beth L.

The highly anticipated EasyShoe Speed has so far lived up to our expectations! My job is not  the prettiest –  the problem is I’m an over do-er and I used too much glue. My goal for next time is to practice self control with the glue and to try to make it pretty, but at least it’s functional and colorful!

To apply the shoes, I mix the glue, copper sulfate, and dye into a cup for 45 seconds. Then, I apply the glue to the cuffs and slip the shoe on the prepped hoof. This method works well for my antsy mare and I get to add some fun color.

Soulstice ran great at our first NBHA show of the year! It was held in a small indoor with deep footing. The Speeds gave us the grip we needed and she stood up well and turned the barrels with confidence! We ran a 3rd division time of 15.4 then a 15.3 in middle class but knocked the second, and 27 seconds in pole bending. I’m extremely happy as I don’t have an arena to practice in at home. Most of my training is slow in the mud or just conditioning on the trail and down the road.

Soulstice is a green 5 year old un-raced Thoroughbred mare I rescued January 1, 2023. She was in poor condition and was not halter broke, but has been an exceptionally fast learner and eager for a job and a competition. She’s sweet and intelligent and just wonderful to work with and haul. Her feet aren’t horrible but typical of the breed with thin soles and not the best wall. We’ve been competing in the Versa Grip Octos and Versa Grip Glues since last summer and they’ve been excellent, but I was excited for the Speed to come out because the narrower web would make more sense for barrel racing, traction wise. They still give enough protection to the foot to be perfect for trail riding on rocks and gravel state roads. The hoof growth and health after 6 weeks in the Versa Grip is fantastic, and I expect nothing less from the Speeds.


Additionally, the Speed has been performing very well on the trail and muddy turnout!



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