The EasyShoe Speed Line consists of hybrid glue-on/nail-on urethane horseshoes with integrated cuffs for easy gluing. The cuffs are designed for acrylic or urethane adhesives. You can also nail the Speed by cutting off the cuffs.

The Speed offers a keyhole design to provide flexibility in the heels. The center keyhole brace can be removed for additional flexibility. The thinner webbing allows the horse to sink more into the ground and increases traction. The Speed excels on both grass and arena footing. This makes the Speed a great choice for disciplines with high speeds and tight turns such as barrel racing, eventing, show jumping, and more. However, the durable tread also makes it a good option for endurance and trail riding.

The EasyShoe Speed is available in both front and hind patterns. It is sized the same as our Versa Grip line.

The EasyShoe Speed Lineup consists of 3 options: The EasyShoe Speed in full urethane, the Speed Metal with metal inserts, and the Speed Metal Trac with metal inserts and 4 threaded inserts for optional 3/8″ studs. Take a look at the features of the Speed Line to help you pick the best option for your horse.

EasyShoe Speed

The EasyShoe Speed is the most lightweight, flexible option in the lineup. Made from durable urethane, the Speed is a great choice for both performance and therapy purposes. When the center keyhole brace is cut out, the Speed will provide the maximum amount of flexibility in the Speed lineup. The Speed can be either glued or nailed.

EasyShoe Speed Metal

With aluminum inserts molded in urethane, the Speed Metal is a great option if you are looking for more structure and support. The metal inserts also provide stability for a nail-on application. Cut the cuffs off to nail or leave the cuffs on to glue. You can also cut out the caudal support to create an open heel design and shape the shoe. There are many ways you can modify the Speed Metal.

Modification options: Remove cuffs to nail shoe, remove bridge between keyhole for more heel flexibility, or remove entire caudal support for an open heel design.

EasyShoe Speed Metal Trac

The Speed Metal Trac offers aluminum inserts and 4 threaded inserts for optional 3/8″ studs. The Speed Metal Trac is a great choice if extra traction is needed for high performance and sloppy terrain. As with the Speed Metal, you can apply with glue or nails. Cut the caudal support out to shape the shoe.

How does the EasyShoe Speed differ from the Versa Grip?

  • The cuffs on the Speed have fewer holes than the Versa Grip Glue to prevent wasted glue.
  • The Speed offers a keyhole design for more heel flexibility.
  • The Speed is 10mm thinner in webbing than the Versa Grip.
  • Versa Grip is beveled at the toe. Speed has sharper angle for increased traction, especially in softer footing.

How is the Speed similar to the Versa Grip?

  • Both applied with acrylic/urethane glue or option to nail.
  • Same shoe thickness.
  • Same sizing.
  • Both lightweight and flexible.
  • Both suitable for therapy and performance.
Versa Grip Glue (left) and EasyShoe Speed (right)
Versa Grip toe is beveled.
Speed toe is sharper angle for increased traction.

Learn How to Apply the EasyShoe Speed

The Speed Lineup offers a variety of options to best suit the needs of different horses and situations. As always, we recommend consulting your farrier for guidance on selecting a shoe for your horse. Have a question you don’t see answered here? Contact us here.


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